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I have discovered what I believe to be the meaning of life, I have freed myself from my past negative karma, and finally, I learnt how to experience happiness everyday.  Though, even I have to practice what I preach and apply the techniques and when I forget, life becomes less peaceful - with practice it becomes habit.

Over the last 15 years I have studied most of what the mind, body & spirit and self-help movement has had to offer; from the majority of it I gained little help.

In 2005 I started to learn Vipassana - the Buddha's meditation; this was my first real break through, with Vipassana and a little practice a person can quickly learn to experience brief periods awareness and mindfulness, two states of mind often associated with enlightenment.

If you sit meditating on a bench for long enough, someone will become jealous of your view of the park and find ways to usurp you from your seat - a phenomena that I call 'Tibet Syndrome.'

Despite being able to access this state of mind, day to day life was still very difficult; it is OK for monks to sit meditating all day, but I live in the real world, amongst disputes and confrontational people.

2008 was a very difficult year for me, I made lots of mistakes as I tried to deal with instances of Tibet Syndrome in my personal and business relationships; life was very erratic and full of stress.

I found myself in a situation where I could experience peace and happiness during meditation, yet my day to day life was turbulent.

I set, as my new years resolution, for 2009, to be a nicer person; I felt that I had been dragged down by those who were provoking conflicts around me.

To cut a long story short; during the first half of 2009 I experience 3 insights into the mechanisms of life and after incorporating them into my life I found it got a lot easier and also happier; and it is in this website and in my book that I would like to share those insights with you.

If to you success means lasting peace and happiness then I hope you will find 'The Meaning of Life' interesting and practical.

If success means lasting peace and happiness to you then I hope you will find 'The Meaning of Life' interesting and practical. 

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My name is Roz and I have one thing of value, which is the quietness in my mind; it is something that I acquired this year and I call it inner peace and happiness.

My new book:            A book about peace, happiness and the meaning of life

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