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Psychic Protection, or just remembering to pack condoms
Time to talk about astrologers, psychics, tarot and dreamers like me.

There are many books, websites and things dedicated to helping us with the unknown; now I am not going to suggest that this is all rubbish because I do not know, and why? I donít know that it is rubbish because the unknown is unknown, which is why there is a veritable little industry of people trying to tell us what it is; example, if a person were selling fake timeshare holiday flats, they would not try selling them to people that know the area where the flats are supposedly located, but rather, to tourists that lack knowledge of the location and are hence not able to spot that they are being conned until after they have handed over the money.

Please do not misunderstand, I am not suggesting that psychics are con artists, but that they are dealing with an area that cannot be verified, so even they may be assuming that everything is above board.

<P><SPAN STYLE="color: rgb(0,0,0);">In my life, I have found that focussing too much on the unknown is a leak of personal energy and that I experience more peace, happiness and health from protecting my psyche by reacquainting it with the five senses rather than worrying about the sixth sense.</SPAN></P> <P><SPAN STYLE="color: rgb(0,0,0);">Psychologists have a term called cognitive dissonance; when a person has conflicting beliefs, they start to rationalise to try to smooth over the cracks - like pollyfilla.&nbsp; One would think that psychics live perfect lives and are not affected by bad luck.&nbsp; For the rest of us, our fortunes are 50% good and 50% bad; experiments have shown that psychics also experience 50% bad luck and so psychics have a whole set of theories about psychic attack and picking up other people's negative energies and thoughts, and that it is the influence of others which causes the 50% bad luck to occur. Likewise, there is a whole industry of books and websites devoted to psychic protection, trying to prevent the 50% occurring. Psychic attack and its solution, psychic protection, are examples of cognitive dissonance.<BR><BR>The best psychic protection a person can have is to stop worrying about the influences of the things they do not know about, and to deal with the real life tangible issues, the observable things and to interact with the people using good old fashioned communication skills, such as talking, phoning, etc rather than trying to transmit thoughts or trying to block other people's bad thoughts. If someone is thinking bad thoughts, let them; it is only when they say bad things that a person can act by calmly challenging them. The best psychic protection is for a person to stop assuming that they know what the unknown is; I call it psyche protection.<BR>.</SPAN></P> <P><SPAN STYLE="color: rgb(0,0,0);"><I>Disclaimer: In case some people misunderstand the intentions behind this internet site, please note that the author of this article takes no responsibility for any decisions that a reader or any other person may take nor of the outcomes of their decisions; this internet site and the articles within are only published to provide different view points for the reader to consider, the author does not seek to advise the reader on specific matters nor take any responsibility from the reader in respect of their own affairs.</I><BR></SPAN>&nbsp;</P>

Psyche protection, first the known then the unknown. 

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